3 Steps To Better Results From Your Advertising

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Why Your Advertising Doesn't Work Follow These Three Steps:

  • STEP ONE – I’ll GIVE ( yes, give = free) a complete critique of your advertisement
  • STEP TWO – I’ll Show You ways to convert your current advertisement from another “CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND HOPE IT WORKS” shot in the dark into a CASH-GENERATING MACHINE !!
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The catch is this:

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Who Am I And Why Should You Care?

I’m Charles [a.k.a. The Profit Multiplier] Pollitt

I’ve talked to over 1000 business owners around Australia … cutting my teeth being thrown in the deep-end to run a retail store in Coolangatta 15 years ago (golly, time flies)…

… the store was quickly heading south beyond NSW border … getting deeper into a $70,000 debt (approx)

Within nine months I turned $60,000 profit, crunching numbers, squeezing every last drop … I can show you 2% price rise can massively increase your bottom line …

Two years ago Tracey needed help. Her business was crawling, barely breathing, about to choke at any minute. Within 90 days we’d DOUBLED her turnover, within six months we QUADRUPLED IT and more !!!!

Five years ago Brian wanted help … didn’t listen … knew his business better than me …didn’t accept figures don’t lie …told him writing on the wall …. He knew best …. Six months later he was bankrupt … Very Sad … and totally avoidable …

Lawrie wanted clients, in a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE MARKET, without newspaper or radio advertising, no signage … Went from zero to $120,000 within twelve months …Clients flew in from France, Korea, Japan, Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coasters …

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